Rakeir Dex Minoris KidaltesEdit

Dex the raccoon is a bold thief that lives in Feladeir. He's sly, clever, and an excellent fighter. Dex makes an appearance in the Feladeir animated series, and joins into a couple RPs.

Dex's PastEdit

Dex had a rough past, which though not revealed in the animated series he does hate to bring up bad memories. Dex's mom left him, and his father took Dex on as an apprentice. Originally Dex's father came from Caniline, but they were forced out. Over the world raccoons were untrusted animals, so a while back Dex's father left to Feladeir. The difference between canines and felines caused Dex to be outcasted where he went his whole life, and also beaten as a small child. As a kid, Dex stole to live. This was his whole life, and this is what Dex believes it always will be

Appearence in Feladeir: Legend of the Six SoulsEdit

A bit later in the series, Dex, who is covered in a dark hooded cloak, bumps into Lila. The encounter knocks his hood off, and Dex ha to run away quickly. When Lila follows him, she finds that he lives in a condemned building by himself, and lives off of pickpocketing and thieving. One of the episodes is named after a particular quote he made, when he told Lila that life was hard because he was a raccoon..

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